À propos de Sentosa Partners

Where Business Experience meets M&A Expertise

Successful External Growth requires mastering a seamless process from strategy setting, target identification, relationship building, business case construction, valuation, negotiation, through integration to ongoing management.


Excellence in applying methodology, process, and execution at every step is crucial – but it is not enough.


Knowing markets, companies and product categories from within; Understanding the real nature of opportunities – insights beyond the figures; Knowing the value drivers and levers for growth for each specific business or venture; Quickly identifying potential derailers; Mitigating the impact of operational parameters on the speed of transformation… So many keys for success that require « having done it ».


Convinced that experience of having ran businesses for real – in strategy, marketing, sales and operations – combined with thorough M&A expertise will provide the best guarantee for robust and successful External Growth, we have decided to found Sentosa – Your partner in Mastering External Growth from A to Z.

We believe that, in order to successfuly master all stages of the external growth journey, first-hand business experience and industry expertise is what ultimately makes the difference

In a nutshell

Sentosa Partners is an independent structure providing a one stop shop for External Growth. We create Strategy, Advise on and Execute Acquisitions and Divestitures, and can accompany the newly acquired business.


Sentosa Partners focus on small and mid cap, and on asset transactions. We serve Companies, Private Equity, M&A Consultants and Investment Banks.


Areas of Expertise

Consumer and Health Care



Europe, Middle East, Africa, India


Our point of difference

First-hand Business Experience
combined with M&A Expertise