Croissance externe de A à Z

A few examples


A Private Equity seeks a bolt-on for one of its portfolio companies and mandates Sentosa. After a review of the company’s internal strategy, value drivers and capabilities, we set out on landscaping the priority geographies and product categories.
We do a pre-evaluation of actionability through exploratory discussions with owners of potential targets. We also evaluate the attractiveness of the business and identifies the value drivers.
We use our knowledge of the market and our network of relations to source opportunities that have real potential.


A corporation is seeking to divest a bundle of small assets in the Consumer Health Care space, but its M&A team is engaged in a major project.


Sentosa leads the entire process – Guiding and working with your Team from teaser, to identifying and contacting a broad list of strategic and financial potential buyers, to leading the creation of an IM, setting up the management presentations, overseeing the data room creations and managing Q&A, through to contract negotiations.
Our broad experience ensures your project is executed smoothly and efficiently.


A PE has is acquiring a company in FMCG in Spain. Sentosa assists with the creation of the business plan and with leading the due diligence. The client is also asking to support and oversee the newly acquired business through a presence on the Board.
Thanks to a broad experience in operational functions in various circumstances and geographies, we can help translate the acquisition strategy and objectives into actual action plans and execution – understanding where the value drivers lie and how they can be further developed – and quickly identifying derailers such as speed of integration, competitive retaliation, etc – and addressing them.


A boutique M&A consultancy is asked to design and help execute an international growth strategy in the Personal Care market and needs input from an expert in this space. We define the strategy and translate it into a clear definition of opportunity areas, based upon our first hand experience in the industry in a minimum of time. We then shortlist concrete ideas for alliances, out-and in-licensing, and acquisition, and move quickly into activation.